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The trends of sustainability and spirituality have been incorporated into the creation of the 20th edition of our inspiring Colour Vision collection. The two COLOUR VISION N°20 themes are SUSTAINABILITY and SPIRITUALITY, which are also reflected in the selected colours, effects and polymers. The entire collection captures the current Zeitgeist: conscious use of the environment and resources and mindfulness of oneself and Mother Earth.


SUSTAINABILITY is all about the principles of a functioning circular economy. The newly created colours – natural and earth tones – represent sustainability; while the materials used, such as PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) and PIR (Post Industrial Recycling) polymers, also adopt this theme. The range is supplemented by a newly developed additive, which makes it possible to identify and therefore sort even dark plastic items in the recycling process: it's an important step for the circular economy – as is the unique Taggant Technology (TagTec for short), with which information can be stored directly (and invisibly) in the plastic product and read out with sensors. The plastic product is provided with an invisible fingerprint, so to speak, through which it can be authenticated.


The colours from the second theme, SPIRITUALITY, form the perfect complement to the SUSTAINABILITY colour palette. They suggest aspects of mindfulness and offer fascinating impressions. The colour spectrum of the spirituality theme ranges from pulsating red and purple shades to energetic yellow and gold, down to various shades of blue.


The COLOUR VISION N°20 colour collection is aimed at designers, product developers and manufacturers of plastic products. It serves as inspiration, but at the same time calls for the more conscious handling of our environment and resources.