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AMI Single-Serve Capsules Conference

Discover the latest developments in recycling opportunities for single-serve capsules and different approaches to sustainability from material innovations to end-of-life choices at Single-Serve Capsule Conference in Berlin.



"Product DNA – a revolutionary approach to product recognition, sorting and recycling, and valuable data tracking"

Mr. Diego Karpeles, Corporate Brand Manager at GABRIEL-CHEMIE GROUP

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The fourth edition of AMI’s International Single-Serve Capsules conference provides a unique forum to debate and evaluate the global trends, innovations, challenges and opportunities facing the industry through the value chain of plastic and metal capsules. This includes capsule fillers, coffee roasters, capsule moulders, material suppliers, technology and machinery suppliers as well as companies expanding the scope of applications for single-serve capsules.

Since the disruptive changes to the supply chain in 2012, new opportunities have been created for both end-users and converters to tap into this growing market segment through compatible products. This conference focuses on the upstream market perspective on product innovation as well as addressing some of the biggest challenges to the industry, such as sustainability and recycling. The industry is under regulatory and consumer pressure – driving the need to review the materials used for capsules production towards more sustainable and attractive options.

In addition to the busy programme, Single-Serve Capsules 2020 offers high-level networking opportunities in a dedicated exhibition area featuring displays from a range of suppliers.

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Hotel Sofitel Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Germany
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Single Serve Capsules Conference Berlin 2020 Gabriel Chemie Masterbatch - Kapselkonferenz Deutschland

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