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25-year-old Josef Houska founded a trading company under the name of “Oswald Gabriel, Pächter Urban und Houska” for exporting glass products. Six years later, colour entered the picture for the first time. Starting in 1956, his business model consisted of importing and trading colourants for the textile, leather and paper industries.


Import of colourants and printing inks for the plastics processing industry from the USA and founding of a new site in the 23rd district of Vienna, where the Production of own colourants began.


Josef Houska procured a plot of land in Vienna Siebenhirten as well as the first large-scale production machine. Thus the starting signal was given for the production of pigment chips and masterbatch. In untold numbers of experiments and test series with this machine, the company had the opportunity of building up its own in-house development department. A core team of highly qualified technicians and chemists, some of whom are still employed by the company today, acquired the knowledge needed – almost as autodidacts – and were able to implement the knowledge.


It is the first time sales from in-house production exceeded the sum of 100 million Austrian schillings, and the company was able to expand to the United Kingdom and a little later to Germany.


50% investment at the W.Bühler Ges.m.b.H, Allgäu, Germany, today Gabriel-Chemie Germany


Relocation of the headquarters to a highly modern, future-proof company site in Gumpoldskirchen.


Founding of a company site in Nyíregyháza, Hungary


Founding of a company site in Láznê Bohdaneč, Czech Republic


Founding of a company site in Łódz, Poland


Founding of a company site in Russia


Founding of a company site in Spain, near Madrid


Takeover of TE. MA. Srl in Fara Gera D’Adda, Italy

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