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Items around the house and garden as well as essential goods should look unique. Both their appearance and their functionality should be maintained throughout their useful life. With our masterbatch, we ensure that the required material properties are achieved, and we offer you additives for the assurance of product functionality and for unusual colour creations.

Stadium seats

Our all-in-one pellet product PP-SEAT was developed so as to achieve a maximum useful life of stadium seats. Colour and light fastness are adjusted so that the visual and mechanical properties are stabilised across their entire useful life.

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Artificial turf

We have a great variety of masterbatch on offer for artificial turf. Colour masterbatch in combination with state-of-the-art additives increase durability, processability, cost effectiveness and environmental soundness. Grass fibres finished with our masterbatch are ideally suitable for fibrillated tapes as well as for monofilaments. They are though, durable and suitable for many different applications.

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