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A high level of protection for packaged goods, functionality, wear resistance and longevity make up the most frequently requested properties for reliable packaging. Other important factors are process optimisation, suitability for external storage over longer periods of time, printability, anti-static properties and weldability. We offer a large selection of additive and colour masterbatch which meet all the different expectations and requirements.


for highest demands


Our expertise gained over many years makes it possible for us to realise even sophisticated and demanding packaging ideas. This is made possible by additive packages customised to customers’ needs as well as attractive colour recipes.

Regardless of whether it is injection moulding, blow moulding or deep drawing – our masterbatch provides you with the ideal balance between covering power, weathering resistance, dispersibility and process optimisation. Individual additive components as well as combinations are available.

We offer the matching additive masterbatch, which is also available as a combination with colour or with several agents, for all kinds of films and production processes.


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