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Know-how for capsule producers and in the smart packaging area

At the beginning of September, the annual „Single Serve Capsules“ conference took place in Vienna.
Gabriel-Chemie used the geographical home field advantage and offered capsule producers and leading coffee brands a workshop in-house. Focus topics were colour technology, quality standards and masterbatch technology. As part of the „Single Serve Capsules“ conference, Diego Karpeles presented the possibilities of rapid colour matching for capsules.


Diego Karpeles, Produktmanager bei Gabriel-Chemie, auf der Single-Serve-Capsules-Conference in Wien


Shortly thereafter, Diego Karpeles, Product Manager, and Ulf Trabert, Product Manager Branded Goods, represented the Gabriel-Chemie Group at the „Smart Packaging Conference“ in Hamburg. The focus was on the topics of innovation, connectivity and sustainability. Appropriately Karpeles presented the technical and optical differentiation possibilities of the packaging by laser marking.


Gabriel-Chemie auf der Smart Packaging Conference in Hamburg


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