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Plastic Jewels – Inspiring colour creations in cooperation with BASF

Plastic Jewels is the name of the new series of beautiful polymer colours, developed and realized by Gabriel-Chemie and styled with Colors & Effects® Pigments from BASF. These 18 fascinating colour creations are demonstrated in a total of 36 glossy and matt flip-top closures.


They are magnificent, rare and probably the most precious designs of nature: glittering gems have wakened a deep fascination for humans over many millennia since their magical beauty captures every glance. Velvety Bordeaux red, seductive purple, rich deep green, brilliant aquamarine, royal midnight blue – let you hardly escape from the fascination of coloured gemstones and they charm their admirers. The effect pigments of BASFs’ Colors & Effects brand awaken desires and can positively influence the eye oft he beholder with unique colour creations. Especially today the differentiation and eye-catching of successful products need to be supported and enhanced by their colours and effects.


Plastic Jewels - in cooperation between Gabriel-Chemie and BASF


„How do we realize and present the variety of colours as well as the extraordinary impressions of jewels such as Garnet, Ruby, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Turquoise, Emeralds and Citrine in plastic?“ – With this question, the cooperation project Plastic Jewels started with BASF, Gabriel-Chemies‘ producer of
Colors & Effects pigments.


Ulf Trabert, Michael Heindl, Nikolaus Pekler, Luana Köttler, Jürg Zingg, Juliane Krüsemann und Banu Arif realisierten das außergewöhnliche Plastic Jewels Projekt. Foto: BASF Colors & Effects
Ulf Trabert, Michael Heindl, Nikolaus Pekler, Luana Köttler, Jürg Zingg, Juliane Krüsemann and Banu Arif realized the extraordinary Plastic Jewels project. Photo: BASF Colors & Effects

The first edition of the „Caps & Closures“ box contains a total of 36 flip-top closures, which present 18 breathtaking colours in glossy and matt closures to inspire and arouse customers‘ desires for future projects.

The Colors & Effects project team of BASF consists of Nikolaus Pekler, Jürg Zingg, Banu Arif and the team Gabriel-Chemie will be represented by Michael Heindl, Ulf Trabert, Valentina Todorovic and Luana Köttler.

If you want to be inspired by this extraordinary colour spectrum for upcoming projects and designs, can make an appointment through our website. Further information:



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