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Halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch for electrical conduits

Gabriel-Chemie has held a leading position in the production of flame retardant masterbatch goods for many years.


One of the main objectives of the group is sustainability. Which is why Gabriel-Chemie has successfully developed a series of halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches for the electrical tube conduits market.


After the launch of “Maxithen” CO2-reduced white masterbatch, Gabriel-Chemie presents a new series of flame retardant halogen-free masterbatch for the electrical conduits and tubes market. This new portfolio of products emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the group. The safe use of many everyday products is guaranteed only through the addition of flame retardant additives. Whether in vehicles, electrical equipment and wiring, consumer electronics, furniture, textiles or in high-rise and underground structures: flame protection is essential for ensuring maximum safety.


The use of halogen-free masterbatch is essential for several reasons. It helps avoiding the corrosion phenomena of electronic equipment and extruder machines. It reduces emissions of toxic gases in case of fire and keeps outdoor properties from harmful external influences. The improved recyclability of the plastic   product helps reducing the group’s carbon footprint.


Gabriel-Chemie offers a valid technical and advantageous economical solution for tubes and electric conduits. The halogen-free masterbatch not only complies with the flame retardant norm EN 61386, but also with the halogen-free norm according to EN 50642 and the low smoke norm IEC 61304-2.

The new series is available in a full product range with more than 10 masterbatch.


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