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Gabriel-Chemie UK offers laser marking sampling service for plastics

  • TruMark marking laser station installed at Gabriel-Chemie UK in Paddock Wood, Kent
  • Growing market demand for high-quality laser marking applications


For more than 20 years Gabriel-Chemie has been a leading solution provider for innovative and high-quality laser marking additives and Combi-Masterbatch solutions. As this technology has become increasingly important, Gabriel-Chemie UK decided to install a brand-new TruMark marking laser station at their facility in Paddock Wood, Kent in May 2017. This allows the British site to offer fast and flexible onsite laser marking trials and tests to their customers in the plastics manufacturing industry until the best quality marking has been achieved.

Karen O’Dwyer, Head of UK Colour Center & Service: “We have seen an increased number of customer enquiries for local laser marking sampling services at our Paddock Wood, UK site. Our laboratory is now fully equipped to demonstrate what benefits laser marking technology can bring to the many sectors in the plastics industry. Various services can now be offered from simple demonstration plaques through to working one to one with customers onsite for product prototyping and development.”

There is a growing marked demand for high-quality & high-contrast laser marking applications in segments such as animal eartags, security seals, medical devices (scratch-resistant unique ID marking will become mandatory), food & beverage packaging, wire & cable, automotive, cosmetics (decoration) and any other consumer goods with a demand for individualization and personalisation. Laser marking technology allows the permanent marking of bar codes, QR codes, numbers, logos, etc., as well as emotional graphic designs inspiring consumers senses. Laser marking offers a number of benefits over alternative printing and marking options: it is fast, non-contact, permanent & abrasion resistant and digitally-driven allowing simple placement of sequential identifiers.


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