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Our responsibility

As a plastic processing company we are aware of our great responsibility. We make our actions and decisions in accordance with the three pillars of sustainability balanced economically, ecologically and socially. We want to proactively shape the future, develop solutions that benefit society and limit those activities that harm the environment. In doing so, we become part of a positive change in society and contribute to increasing the value of plastics.

In times when the plastics industry is facing strong changes and continuously new challenges, we are committed to future-oriented action and face up to our economic, social and ecological responsibility. In addition to economic success, open dialog with our stakeholders and climate-friendly energy supply, we also focus on changing the perception of plastics, their value creation and their responsible use.

Economic responsibility

We are an independent, internationally positioned family business. Our goal is the steady continuation of the company. Consistency and security of the family business are central to this, so that the innovative spirit of our founder, Josef Houska will live on in the future and inspire many generations to come. We strive to ensure that the company is always passed on to the next generation in a better constitution.

Social responsibility

Whether employees, customers or suppliers, we focus on partners who share our values. We listen and understand people's needs. Any company is only as good as its employees. We at Gabriel-Chemie work according to this credo. People who feel comfortable at their workplace and enjoy their job can also make a significant contribution to the success of the company. In addition to the continuous development of our employees, we also ensure a positive working climate and a comfortable atmosphere that offers room for development. This is how we ensure that we can continue to offer outstanding quality and service in the future.

Environmental responsibility

We strive to use our resources as efficiently as possible and continuously optimize our processes to reduce resource consumption and our emissions. At the same time, we take measures to reduce the amount of waste we produce or to put it to further use. But also on the product level we develop innovative, sustainable and reliable products & solutions.

"Plastic is a very sustainable material. A modern, safe life without plastic would be hard to imagine. We need to learn to rethink how we responsibly manage all of our resources in the future. Each material has its advantages and justifications; we must choose the one that causes the least harm throughout its life cycle."

- Stefanie Sommer

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Office

Good for the environment and people

Plastics rethought

Recyclability, circular economy and smart plastics are not buzzwords, but projects that we are working on further developing with our partners.

For some time now, Gabriel-Chemie has been working on the reduction of virgin materials, i.e. the native fossil raw materials used in plastics and masterbatch processing. With the first variegated masterbatch offer made from post consumer recycled polypropylene, a leading product is presented to the market. Our suppliers make their products from post-consumer waste such as the yellow bag, which serves as the base material. Recreating a large variety of colours is already possible. Brighter colours and special effect colours can be realised according to the customer's wishes and needs.

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