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About us
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Focus areas

  • Sustainable Solutions
  • World of colours
  • Decorative Solutions
  • Functional Laser Markings
  • Flame Retardant
  • Medical Solutions
  • Films
  • EveryDay Products

Sustainable Solutions

The power of sustainability is in all our ideas and solutions, so that tomorrow plastic will remain a high-quality, reliable and long-term recyclable material. Experience our sustainable product series MaxiBlue and MaxiLoop.

World of colours

Our many years of experience and expertise in the production of colour masterbatch is reflected in an extensive library of colour or polymer combinations.

Decorative Solutions

Decorative Solutions is the umbrella term for innovative ideas and solutions to make plastic objects truly experiential and engage all senses. We dedicate our entire creativity to optics and haptics to make products even more successful in the market.

Functional Laser Markings

Laser marking processes enable permanent markings on plastic surfaces using an optically controlled laser beam.

Flame Retardant

Nowadays, flame retardant masterbatch has to meet particularly demanding material requirements - environmentally compatible solutions are increasingly coming into focus.

Medical Solutions

Cutting-edge medicine without plastics – would be impossible today. It is the outstanding and flexible properties of plastics in particular that make this material so attractive and important for medical technology.


Plastic products for the construction, agriculture and packaging industries products must meet strict specifications and withstand high stresses. With our masterbatch, we give the polymers the appropriate properties to meet all requirements.


What if plastic could talk! The new product series raises the application possibilities of product authentication to a new level. The focus here is on safety, traceability and the automation of product processes. Give your product its own DNA with TAGTEC.

EveryDay Products

Wo Price-performance, quality and daily delivery conditions are optimally coordinated - these are our Everyday Products, uncomplicated and quickly available.

About Gabriel-Chemie

Our vision and values

As an owner-managed family business - now in the 2nd generation - after more than 70 years of existence, we are now one of the leading masterbatch producers in Europe.

That's what makes us

  • Living sustainability in all areas

  • Research & Development

  • Family business for more than 70 years

  • Certifications and expertise

"Plastic is a very sustainable material. A modern, safe life without plastic would be hard to imagine. We need to learn to rethink how we responsibly manage all of our resources in the future. Each material has its advantages and justifications; we must choose the one that causes the least harm throughout its life cycle."

- Stefanie Sommer

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Office

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