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TAGTEC Technology


Markers (taggant particles) added to the masterbatch create an intelligent plastic that can be used in a variety of applications. It carries the added information like DNA. Which information, you define.

Which information, you define.

Produkt safety

Material detection

Single part detection

Secure due to TAGTEC

Product identification

The worldwide economic damage caused by counterfeit products is immense. This problem was the starting point and incentive for the development of TAGTEC. Protect your products with TAGTEC technology! The method is based on the combination of security markers and sensors. By selecting the marker-sensor pairings, you determine the level of security you require.

More product safety - for you and your customers.

Successful partnership

Die TagTec - Equation

Three innovative, leading companies have joined forces to take the production of intelligent plastics to a new level. The markers, which can be activated by sensor technology and are added during the production of plastics, enable the secure transmission of product- or material-specific information. Just as if the product could tell where and how it was made, what it contains or whether it is an original or an imitation.

Our partners

Marker competence

Sensor competence

Success Story


The combination of TAGTEC with the Digital Product Passportby R-Cycle, based on GS1 standards, is the logical next step towards implementing a "secure future" within the closed plastic loop - addressing both manufacturing and supply chain data, as well as the material cycle.

How does TAGTEC work?

TAGTEC uses the principles of encryption (coding) and decryption (decoding). The marker-bound, encrypted information can be decoded using patented technology via special sensor technology - reliable and forgery-proof.

Selektierte Marker (Markersysteme)

Per Masterbatch ins Produkt integriert

Mit selektiver Sensorik aktivier- und auslesbar

TAGTEC wins Karl Ritter Innovation award

One technology - tailored to your needs

Countless possibilities

• Separation and error-free separation of recycled material

• Optimisation, documentation and automation of product processes

• Protection against counterfeiting

• Function control

• Process control

• Dosage control

• Material control and identification

TAGTEC offers security, sustainability and transparent information for your products throughout the entire supply chain.

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